Love pop culture? Fave is the place you can delve deeper into all of your favourites. We’ve taken the best features of modern chat platforms, old-school forums and smashed them together with wikis to create the best community knowledge platform. Fave lets you join as many communities as you want with just a single account.

Is Fave a website, network or a community?

It's all of the above. Fave isn’t just a website, it is a federation—think Star Trek. Dozens of independent communities running on Fave form a coherent network, where while every planet is different, being part of one is being part of the whole.

How is Fave better than other social networks out there right now?

Wherever people meet, there will be disagreements and trouble. Maintaining communities that feel safe for all of its members is not easy. Fave provides a lot of foundational framework and tools for doing it, and shifts the power to effect change to the communities themselves.

That means:

  • You can be with a community that resonates with your values and ideas of moderation;
  • The ratio of “everyone” to “people who can handle abuse reports” is much, much higher than on other services;
  • The moderation team of your community, be it just one admin or multiple people, is a lot closer to you and more approachable and can therefore take abuse seriously

That’s already a huge advantage over other platforms due the basic design.

Is Fave private or public?

Fave can be anything you like. Fave communities can either be: 

  • Fully public
  • Private

How does Fave make money?

Running a popular service is expensive. In order to keep the lights on, we currently run minimal ads. In the future we plan to have paid subscriptions so you can enjoy an ad free experience, along with some additional perks such as exclusive sticker packs and further profile customization.

How does Fave compare to other platforms?

Compare Fave to:

How can I learn more about Fave?

Our About Us page contains more information about our platform.

Up next: Read about the exciting future we have planned for Fave.

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