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Fave is the place you can delve deeper into all of your favorite topics. We’ve taken the best features of modern chat platforms and old-school forums to create the best alternative to Facebook groups.

Fave is a new platform that lets you join, start, and build online communities. We've designed it with scalability in mind, creating tools that make growing and managing communities faster and easier for large groups. If you currently manage a community, you'll love what Fave has to offer. For users, it makes participating in community discussions a way more intuitive and user-friendly process: one account, one inbox.

Fave groups have all the features your community needs

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Why Fave?

When it comes to building your community online, there are few good choices. More people are building theirs on platforms like Slack (and other IRC-alikes;  Gitter, Discord, etc.), rolling a self-hosted forum, or starting a Facebook group.

But when groups grow popular, the pain of managing discussions with hundreds and thousands of people can cause things to start to break down.

  • With five conversations going on at the same time, you’re not quite sure anymore who’s talking with whom—it’s impossible to keep track of.
  • You want to talk about this one topic somebody mentioned five hours ago but the message is now 15 pages up, and nobody knows what you’re talking about anymore. Not to mention topics from days or even, gasp, weeks ago!
  • This is amplified by the fact that searching and linking to old messages is often a pain. Often, valuable and interesting conversations are lost forever, or the knowledge is trapped in the tool itself, never to be discovered from the outside.

How does Fave fix these problems?

  • Every conversation on Fave starts as a thread, its own place to provide rich context for the discussion ahead. Once a thread is published, others can join the conversation.
  • Conversations in threads are modeled after real-time chat applications. It feels more present than a static list of threaded comments, and when multiple people are online talking at the same time, it feels like any other chat app you know.
  • Because Fave is a platform, you can join all of your favorite communities with one profile, one login, one set of notifications, and direct messages .
  • Communities are public by default: this means that content is more accessible, doesn't necessarily have to be hidden behind an authorization wall, and lets threads get indexed on search engines to make content more easily discovered on the internet. We also allow communities to have unlimited conversations + messages, which means that even communities will not have to worry about a continuous churn of information and discussions getting lost.

Fave lets you join dozens of vibrant communities in a single unified platform

How is Fave better than other social networks out there right now?

Using Fave feels like a convergence of several enjoyable and successful "platforms" in a single, sensible experience.

  • It feels like Reddit, in which it's a publicly-searchable directory of user-created communities in which everyone can post threads.
  • It feels like Telegram/WhatsApp Groups, in which it's real-time chat with like-minded strangers in a thematically-bound group.
  • It feels like blogging, in which threads are like posts with their own comment sections, and everything is sorted in a semi-chronological way.

How is Fave better than forums like Discourse?

  • The main issue - as with other forum software - is that there are no “warm bodies”. It never feels like you’re together. People pop in, ask a question (or answer a couple), and leave and wait for an email. Fave is meant to be more social and casual so that people can just be around each other (which was a significant benefit of public Slack teams, but they had many other issues). Conversations on Fave are real-time, making them feel more present and active.
  • Fave is made up of thousands of groups within one unified community platform, which means that you can be a member of lots of groups that you care about with one login, one set of messages and one set of notifications. Compared to each self-hosted forum, which comes with its own self-contained set of content and notifications, and users have to sign up separately to each forum.
  • We're working really hard on a cross-community reputation model, which we think will help quite a lot with moderation tools for community owners. Because we can know how people behave in each of their communities, we can provide useful context to moderators as spam or toxicity reports come in.

What exactly do you mean by real-time conversations?

All threads operate like live chat, with new messages appearing on the screen without refreshing the page.

Suppose you are direct messaging another person, and they are also online. In that case, you can chat with live them just like Facebook Messenger.

Are Fave groups private or public?

Fave can be anything you like. Fave groups can either be: 

  • Fully public
  • Private and invite-only
  • Public but with some selected private channels

How does Fave compare to other platforms?

Compare Fave to:

How does Fave make money?

Running a popular service is expensive. To keep the lights on, we currently run minimal ads. In the future, we plan to have paid subscriptions so you can enjoy an ad-free experience, along with some additional perks such as exclusive sticker packs and further profile customization.

What is the software behind Fave?

Fave is based on the open-source Spectrum codebase. While Spectrum is a great platform in itself, since it was acquired by Github, it requires a Github login for new members to join, making it less than ideal for anyone outside of the tech community who probably do not have or want a Github account. Fave is designed to fill the void left behind by Spectrum users who enjoy the platform but can no longer grow their communities due to the Github restrictions.

How can I learn more about Fave?

Our home page contains more information about our platform.

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