At our core, we want Fave to be a place where communities can form and grow online, where people can build meaningful relationships based on the ideas they care about, where people can find and join the best conversations happening among their peers, and where people can help each other in confidence, knowing that their contributions are valued and helpful to others.

Today we're excited to talk about the next step towards this future.

The problem of reputation

Online reputation is a tough concept to crack when it comes to accurately reflecting our real-world selves. Each of us is an expert in different fields, cares about different ideas, and approaches conversations differently depending on the people we're talking to or the place we're in.

This is especially true when we’re talking with people in an online community - here on Fave; I might reply to a person's question about Lady Gaga totally differently if I'm in the Lady Gaga group versus if I'm in a music artist management community.

Additionally, when people are talking with me or reading my replies in either of those places, it's helpful to have context for why I'm replying the way I am; maybe knowing that I have a background in music management changes the framing of a reply if I'm in a fan or a music industry community.

Context is important, and people are complex; we're always learning, growing, shifting interests, and trying to be helpful in different ways as we evolve. We know that it's important to capture this ebb and flow of expertise and reputation as they navigate their lives.

Introducing Fave Rep

Soon we're rolling out a new feature called Fave Rep, which is the next step towards helping people better understand the context and point of view of each person they interact within their communities on Fave.

Rep is a value that grows as you share ideas, give feedback to others, receive likes on your messages, and more. It represents how much you participate, and also how much the people around you value that participation.

In addition, your Rep grows as a result of downstream effects on your contributions. For example, if you started a conversation in a community that fueled a healthy, long-term discussion, you should be recognized for contributing productive questions or resources for others.

Every person has an overall Rep on Fave, which can be broken down to a score within each of your communities. This means that your Rep is always changing, depending on the context of where you’re talking and where people are finding you.

As our team learns more about Rep, we'll continue adding inputs to help us better understand and display a person's context in a given community.

What's your Rep?

Rep scores will start appearing by people's names as you navigate around Fave - in messages, on profiles, and in threads. You'll be able to watch yours go up and down depending on the kinds of things you enjoy doing the most on Fave.

We’re excited to begin rolling out these changes soon. You can find your Rep score on your profile, and watch it change over time as you stay active in conversations and communities. We’ve also backfilled any Rep you would have gained from the posts you’ve published in the past to help you start strong!

If you have any feedback or spot anything that’s not quite right, please give us a shout.

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