Fave tries to make the wiki editing experience as easy as possible using our revolutionary and awesome wiki editor. However, "easy editing" does not mean "awful information". As many readers rely on Fave to deliver timely, accurate, and verified information, we expect wiki contributors to behave in a similar manner.

More than just words

A wiki blends content --- written words, videos, and screenshots are all mixed together. No "one aspect" is more important than another; however, since videos aren't always streamed by users with slow internet connections, written content and small screenshots generally work better when placed above videos.

Work well with others

A wiki means you are sharing a space with other contributors; if you are unwilling or unable to share the limelight with other users, you are welcome to create your own independent wiki.

Attention to detail

Provide as much useful information as possible. For technical writing, the shorter and more direct the sentence is, the better.

Be consistent

Observe what terminology is being used on the wiki, and pay attention to the wiki's layout (in tables, lists, organization, et al.).

Spell and punctuate correctly

An occasional mispelling may be overlooked, but consistent usage of poor spelling and bad grammar may result in the staff asking you to stop "helping".

Do not plagiarize

Theft of intellectual property occurs more often than you believe. To clarify, plagiarizing something is the presentation of someone else's idea(s) as your own. Hence, if you simply copy/paste something you didn't make into a wiki page, you may have committed a crime.

One of the few exceptions would be videos created under the Creative Commons License (e.g., some videos posted on YouTube; for videos people do not want shared, embedding is generally disabled). If you are not sure if something belongs on the wiki ask the team.

Do not use profanity

Racial slurs, derogatory remarks, F-bombs, and other obscene language will be removed and the contributor may have their permissions to edit wikis revoked permanently.

Do not editorialize

Wikis are here to present objective, unbiased information. Do not review the game, product or service. You may express your personal views on your community discussions. Editorials, subjective phrases, and usage of "I" in the wikis will see the content removed.

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These wiki guidelines were adapted from IGN.

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