Singular vs Plural

When naming a page, the singular instance of something generally takes precedence over the plural for Fave's Style. For example, Treasure (for fantasy games) or League (sports games) would often have precedence over Treasures or Leagues.

Unless the topic of the page occurs in plural (e.g., Heart Pieces for Legend of Zelda, or Skulls for Halo), use the singular noun for the wiki page. The plural page may then be redirected to the page using the page with the singular form.

H1 before H2

H1 Headers are always the first choice for a topical divider on a page, follow by a H2 sub-header. You do not make a header simply by making something bold.

Using first-person

Fave's wikis are a creation of the community and uses of first-person voice is forbidden. That said, the usage of "I" is disallowed on the wikis. Additionally, the usage of "you" and "we" should be reduced, if not eliminated. Neutral third-person substitutes (e.g., oneself, one's, character, the player, etc.) should be used when and where grammatically correct. The following example is taken from the Dark Souls wiki.

Incorrect voice:

My method was simply using bonfire to replenish my magic. I would run out of the hall, parry the zombie, dash down the hall, kill the second zombie, turn around, and use fireball on the 6 slimes. My humanity is level 16 and it seems just about every run I get 1 green shard and 1 large titanite shard.

Correct voice:

One method to farm Titanite Shards uses the bonfire to replenish magic. From there, venture out into the hall, parry the first zombie, defeat the second zombie, then turn and use the Fireball spell on the six slimes. With a Humanity rating of 16, each foray will yield an estimated total of 1 green shard and 1 Titanite shard.

The use of "you" is allowed, in certain cases, to represent the player in a situation. Excessive usage of "you" is frowned upon, and all efforts should be made to infer the subject is "you" with well written sentences.

Use present tense

Use present tense (e.g., is, go to, save your game, load a game, shoot the boss, run to the next room, etc.). Past tense is more for decisions or events made before a particular point in a game (e.g., if you married Morrigan, when John Marston shot the bandit king, etc.). Future tense is often used for planning or preparing for an upcoming event or decision, although generally speaking, present tense may be used most of the time.

Controller notations

Most wikis cover multi-platform games. Referencing specific controller buttons (such as CIRCLE, A, and X) may lead to confusion if the reader isn't playing that particular version of the game. Hence, reference controller buttons by actions (or game functions), not their labels, with the exception of Quick Time Events (QTEs). For QTEs, it is possible to extrapolate some button inputs; if this is impossible, the system or game version needs to precede the QTE button display.

Button description example:
Instead of instructing a player to hit the SQUARE button, instruct the player to hit the Attack button. It is acceptable to use button labels for single-platform games that have no chance of being ported to other platforms (e.g., Mario Galaxy).

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These wiki guidelines were adapted from IGN.

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