Here's some general guidelines regarding uploading images to our wikis.

Image width

For best results, images should be at least 800px wide and less than 1MB in size.

Transparent PNG images

If possible, upload images which are transparent PNG (.png) images, if they are good quality. You can find these easily by typing in your search term and PNG in Google. Choose the best quality image result and then upload to the wiki.

Below is an example of a good quality transparent PNG. Notice how there are no rough or pixelated edges, and the image looks good even at a large size.

Image sources

Images should be sourced from official websites when possible... for example from a movie studio website, or game developer.

Tip: need a screenshot of a frame from a YouTube video? Use this handy free tool.

Logos and watermarks

Do not upload images which contain logos or watermarks from other websites, unless they are logos or watermarks of the original source, such as a game developer or movie studio.

Example of an image which contains a logo or watermark from an official source:

This is an example of an image which contains a logo or watermark from an unofficial source, which should be avoided.

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