In order to help build our authority, try linking to an internal document on your wiki, or a document in another wiki on Fave, rather than linking to external sources.

What you should link to:

  • The root domain of long-standing entities like game developers or movie studios (for example, Avoid linking to individual pages, as URLs frequently change due to site redesigns or content being deleted. Instead, link only to the root domain, and only when necessary.

What you should avoid linking to:

  • Individual articles or forum threads on other domains.
  • Any websites which you own, operate or contribute to in order to self-promote, as this is not fair to other members of the community.

All external links are automatically given the nofollow tag, so they do not increase the influence of the domain being linked to. Therefore, linking to other websites in an attempt to increase their search engine ranking will be fruitless.

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