Fave is the best platform to provide an interactive community for your users and fans.

Some benefits of using Fave are:

  • It's free, forever.
  • No need to install anything, like your own forum software or web server.
  • You can brand your community as your own.
  • 1:1 support chat and ticket systems can make it hard to provide help to users efficiently - especially at scale. Fave enables you and your users to address issues globally without the extra duplicated effort.
  • Users are also encouraged to help each other out with questions or problems, so you can cut down the amount of time answering common queries. Assign community members to your team to help with moderation.
  • Fave is excellent for collecting feature requests and user feedback, and the realtime nature makes it easy for the requests to adapt as you update your product. Want feedback on an upcoming release? Spin up a private channel for your beta testers alongside the rest of your community!
  • You can build a beautiful wiki, which you can invite selected users to contribute to, and develop a comprehensive knowledge-base about your game.
  • Great SEO is built-in, making discussions easier to surface in search engine results.
  • Discovery of your community from others on our platform can help increase your game exposure.
  • Already have a Facebook group for your channel? Did you know that you only reach between 1%-5% of your members or followers for any of your Facebook group posts? There's no way to reach everyone with an important message or new content in a Facebook Group, even when you're the group admin. Worse, when your members do see updates from your Facebook Group, they are smashed together with everything else in someone‚Äôs newsfeed: political news stories, updates from friends or family, recommendations for other competing groups, and more.
  • See a full list of group features or take the tour.

Fave groups have all the features your community needs

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